Causes of fear of exams and methods of treatment for high school students

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Students feel very afraid of exams, which causes them to feel constant anxiety, tension, and panic as well, so they find it difficult to achieve academic achievement, which eventually causes students to stumble in remembering the answers, and thus obtaining low grades, and to avoid this and eliminate the fear of exams In the report, we review ways to overcome fear of exams. unitedwecare“.

Reasons for fear of the exam

There are several reasons why a child fears exams, including the difficulty of the study material, fear of some subjects, lack of self-confidence, inability to concentrate, fear of poor performance in exams, fear of letting parents and teachers down, inability to remember or focus, and comparing oneself to others.

A girl needs help while studying

Ways to treat fear of the exam

Early review:

Early review of study materials helps to eliminate fear of exams, and to review each subject of the curriculum without feeling pressure, which helps to absorb the study materials well.

Girl afraid of exam
Girl afraid of exam


Each student must set a time limit, to determine the amount of time he needs to review the study materials, by allocating a quiet room free of distractions to review lessons without feeling anxious or stressed.

Fear of exams
Fear of exams

processing plan:

You must develop a plan to prepare for the exams and start reviewing the topics that need focus to the simple topics that do not need a lot of time to review them.

Prepare notes:

While reviewing the topics before the exam, the student should make notes on the important points related to the topics he is reviewing such as dates, events, people, events, and so on.


Rest periods must be allocated in the schedule for reviewing lessons before the exam, so that the student can regain his activity from time to time.

Get enough sleep:

Getting enough sleep at night is essential to maintaining a healthy mind and body, by sleeping for 8 hours.

Avoid comparison with others:

The student must always remember that each student is unique, with his abilities and performance, so he does not prefer to compare himself with others, and parents should avoid this so as not to make their children lose confidence in themselves.

Writing subheadings:

The student should use subheadings, and write only small paragraphs instead of writing long paragraphs, so that the student remembers information that helps him answer well in exams.


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