5 tips for how to deal with the exam paper and relieve stress and tension

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After a long journey of studying and exerting efforts throughout the year, the most important thing a student requires to obtain high grades is the method of dealing with the exam paper and solving questions. And the skill of dividing the time into the parts of the exam, as some students may miss dealing in an optimal way with the exam paper, the method of answering and solving questions despite their high attainment of the materials and despite their great effort throughout the year, so “The Seventh Day” reviews during the following lines some tips for dealing with the exam paper according to what it indicated. Shaima Iraqi family consultant and behavior modification.

Dealing with the exam paper

Some tips for dealing with the exam paper


Advance preparation by solving exams for previous years and psychological preparation for the exam format Diversity in solving previous years exams and seeing similar models for the exam breaks the barrier of fear of the exam format.

Exam training

Training on exam times and the required speed, especially in the case of lengthy exams. Preparation and preparation for long exams is required because it is a general complaint every year from students about the length of the exam and their inability to solve some questions due to the short time. Empowerment comes from solving all questions.

time management

As a result of good training and practice in dividing the time, training on different types of questions that need quick wit and a good understanding of the meaning of the question and what is shameful of it, and not expecting that it will come from the prescribed curriculum, the person in charge of setting the exams may put questions outside the courses of subjects and open questions that need solutions and quick wit. Quickness in answering without wasting time thinking about the meaning of the question.

Psychological calm is very important

Psychological calm when taking the exam, not being intimidated when seeing the exam and its difficulty, correct gradation in solving the questions, and not being afraid of forgetting some answers and parts of the curriculum, especially if the student feels that he has forgotten what he has remembered.

Start with the easy questions

He should start with the easy questions that psychologically enable him to feel confident in the solution and his ability to answer and apply what has been done of studying and reviewing. Mental maps may be useful in cases of forgetfulness and help in recalling information.

Respect for the tune supervisor

Good dealing with the committee supervisors and self-restraint with their way and manner in dealing with the exam committee, not direct contact with them, and not agitating them with excessive movement or frequent attention.


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