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What is the ruling on taking children to mosques?.. Ifta answers

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publish date 2023-05-18 09:20:20

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The General Iftaa Department clarified the legal ruling in the case of taking children to mosques for prayer.

And the “Iftaa” said on its Facebook account, “It is permissible to bring distinguished children to the mosque, in order to train them in congregational prayer and what is related to it, and to learn the etiquette and respect of mosques.”
And she emphasized that “the guardian should have his son beside him in order to direct and guide him, and not let him mess around in the mosque at the time of prayer and disturb the worshipers, so he misses the educational aspect and causes harm to the worshipers, so the purpose for which he accompanied the young child is lost.”

And the “Iftaa” stressed that it is not permissible to take undistinguished children to mosques; Because they do not perform good prayers, and it is usually difficult to control them, because they do not discriminate, and their presence usually causes confusion to the worshipers, or pollutes the mosque or tampering with the Qur’ans and the mosque’s property, and all of these evils often occur, and warding off evil takes precedence over bringing benefits, but if one of them is forced to bring his son with him to the mosque, so he should not leave it alone, rather he should be with him and beside him, and he should not pray in the first rows.

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