Sleeping capsules are a new step for Air New Zealand to provide passengers with comfort

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New Zealand’s national airline revealed moving beds on its planes that allow first-class and tourism passengers more comfort, and the company announced the concept of skynest For the first time last year, it is represented by the presence of six beds arranged in the form of layers for specific aircraft, according to the “ CNN” in Arabic.

According to a press release issued by the airline, the six beds will lie between the ranks of Economy Class and Premium Economy Class on some long-haul flights, including a direct 17-hour flight between New York and Auckland, which is among the longest in the world..

The shape of the capsule from the inside

sleeping capsule
sleeping capsule

Passengers will be able to book a moving bed at a price ranging from 400 to 600 New Zealand dollars, or 254 to 380 US dollars, for a period of 4 hours, in addition to the cost of the regular ticket, and the bedding in each bed will be changed after each use by the cabin crew.

A representative of Air New Zealand explained to the siteCNN The year 2022, that “the airline has done a lot of research on sleep cycles”

“A typical sleep cycle is about 90 minutes, so the four-hour service is an opportunity for customers to relax, fall asleep and wake up,” he said.

Include amenities skynest outlets USB For cargo, a reading light, earplugs, a full-size bed sheet, a blanket, and a pillow, as well as a seatbelt to ensure security protocols are adhered to on board.

Only one person at a time will be able to use the capsule, even if people want to share it with their partner or children.

To allow more passengers to experience the concept, each person is restricted to one four-hour session per flight, based on availability..


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