Mother’s heart.. A camera monitors a female osprey protecting her eggs from a snow storm (video)

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Thunderstorms and a severe cold wave in Boulder County, USA, affected a number of birds in the county, as one of the female osprey nesting in the Boulder County Fairgrounds was trying to protect its eggs during the hailstorm that hit northern Colorado, on Tuesday night, and the Boulder County Gardens cameras showed, Today, Wednesday, a video of the bird protecting its eggs from the cold.

The female osprey was able to protect her eggs, and Parks and Wildlife said she hopes to see the young within a few weeks news 9, this is one of many osprey nests in Boulder County. Male and female ospreys returned to the nest for season on March 28. The female laid 3 eggs between April 15 and April 21.

The female osprey protects her eggs

Boulder County is witnessing severe thunderstorms accompanied by hail across northern Colorado this evening.NEWS Pictures of storms and how they damaged cars More severe storms are expected on Wednesday that could include damaging winds, hail and even tornadoes.


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