Modus operandi of perennial rice casserole bath

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Muammar rice tagine with pigeons is one of the hearty meals that can be eaten at lunch, on occasions, and on special occasions. Muammar rice casserole can be prepared in different ways, and below we offer an easy and delicious way to prepare this casserole by Chef May Siam, who indicated that this casserole can be eaten with tahini and green salad, and some other dishes of favorite vegetables and fresh juices.

Pigeon tagine with perennial rice in an easy way

How to make pigeon tagine with perennial rice: Ingredients:

2Washed bath

1A cup of rice to stuff the pigeons


3a cup of rice

4 cups of milk

My cream


black pepper

My ghee

Cardamom and cloves

Laura paper

Onion for soup

How to prepare the pigeon tagine with perennial rice:

Put a cup of rice in a pot of water and soak for an hour

Then chop the onion coarsely and season with salt and black pepper

Then put the soaked and filtered rice on the onions and stir well

Then put a teaspoon of ghee with the rice

Then stuff the pigeon with rice well inside the pigeon, under the skin, and at the neck

The bathroom is shouldered or tied and closed with a toothpick

Then prepare a pot on a fire and put a little water, salt, black pepper, cardamom, cloves and bay leaf in it

Leave it to boil and then put the bath in it

Bring the bath to a boil, then reduce the heat completely and leave for 30 to 45 minutes

Remove it from the fire and remove the pigeons from the soup and leave it aside

Then prepare another pot on the fire and put the milk, salt and black pepper, and two tablespoons of oil and leave until it boils

Then prepare a casserole greased with ghee and put the washed rice and the bath

Put the boiled milk on the tagine and put the cream on the face of the tagine

Then put it in a hot oven at a high temperature for 40 minutes

Pigeon tagine with perennial rice
Pigeon tagine with perennial rice

Perennial rice and pigeons
Perennial rice and pigeons


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