Intensive activities for Fashion Week in Egypt with the participation of the best Egyptian, regional and international designers and institutes

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Showing creative talents in the fashion industry as a step to put Egypt on the international fashion map

The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir witnessed the launch of the Egyptian Fashion Week in its first edition, which is the largest fashion event in Egypt, in the presence of dignitaries from Egypt and all over the world under the auspices of a number of ministries, including the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, Agriculture, and Tourism.

The event, which was launched by the Egyptian Fashion and Fashion Foundation (EFDC), came under the title “Past, Present and Future” to reflect three main eras; The past that constantly inspires our designers from our culture and all the materials the Egyptians have used for thousands of years; The present in which we live and during which we closely monitor the developments around us; And the future is understanding and knowing where we need to be in a few years. The Foundation aims for the Egyptian Fashion Week to enjoy the same level as other international fashion weeks.

Over the course of the first and second days, fashion shows of the most famous international and local designers were presented at the Museum of Agriculture, with the participation of nearly 100 prominent Egyptian designers and fashion makers, who displayed their work to show the group of creative talents in Egypt and the local cotton textile industry, in addition to determining the location and status of the fashion industry and designers in Egypt is on the global fashion map through the presentations of speakers and designers and gaining valuable information from them on a variety of topics related to their areas of expertise.

Paul Antaky, founder and board member of the Egyptian Fashion and Fashion Foundation (EFDC), said, “The preparation for the Egyptian Fashion Week took nearly four years to ensure that the event competes with international fashion weeks and comes out on the same international level. Our goal was not just a fashion show, but rather to connect local markets Africa and the Middle East through design, handicraft education, sustainability, production and sale

Antaky expressed his happiness at the success of Fashion Week in bringing together many prominent speakers, international media partners, and the audience, stressing that all eyes were directed to monitoring Egyptian fashion through the event in its first official edition, which is a great success thanks to the success partners, including the joint production company Creative Headz, And the official coverage partner, Hype, which documented all the events of Fashion Week.

Commenting on the event, Sasha El Jurdi, Head of Content Programming at TikTok for the Middle East and North Africa, said: “TikTok’s participation in the Egyptian Fashion Week aims to support the fashion industry, which attracts the attention of many content makers and followers, in addition to highlighting Local designers and designers should support creators and share their ideas, explaining that TikTok has always been a supportive platform for fashion and its fans of all ages and tastes, providing through distinguished content makers ideas and tips related to fashion and fashion. Therefore, I launched TikTok #TikTokFashion, which has garnered 46 billion views globally, and #WhatToWear, which It has received more than 4.9 billion views globally, which confirms the interest of followers in this type of content.

The Egyptian Fashion Week aimed to showcase the Egyptian models of fashion for the most famous creators and pioneers of the fashion industry, with the aim of highlighting its vision for the future and integrating it with the current advanced technology, which allows Egypt to play an influential role in the fashion industry in the near future, in addition to the presence of fashion shows, exhibitions, and panel discussions that included experts. from the local, regional and international fashion industries, and dealt with a wide range of topics, such as design, education, production, retail, sustainability, women’s empowerment, finance and others on the second and third day at the Museum of Agriculture, and the events concluded on Monday with “Shop the Runway” in Mall of Arabia from ten in the morning until At ten o’clock in the evening, with the possibility of buying and shopping during fashion shows during the day.

The official sponsors of Egypt Fashion Week included BMW, Banque Misr, Mall of Arabia, Premium Card, Concrete, the US Embassy in Egypt, African Export Development Bank, Filmar Network, and the Egyptian Cotton Association. Also, the supporters of the first edition of Fashion Week in Egypt are; Creative Metrics Logistics Partner, TikTok Official Entertainment Partner, HYPE Official Coverage Partner and with co-production by Creative Headz along with other partners UMS, LANCOME, ARIIKA, Daghash, Max BURGER, Premium, Avec Karim, Leopelle, KAHAL Looms, Three Brothers and Don Tanani SEKEM, Semiramis InterContinental Hotel and Face to Face Agency. The official media partners are Pashion, Enigma, Cairo West, Lounge Magazine Arabia, DGN, Dubai Global Connect, B-Meets, Scene Styled and Shutter Studio.

Fashion week in Egypt

Participation in Fashion Week in Egypt
Participation in Fashion Week in Egypt

From Egypt Fashion Week
From Egypt Fashion Week


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