How to deal with your child during the examination period.. Unexpected visits are prohibited

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The end of the school year exams are of interest to a large number of families during this period, so “The Seventh Day” reviews how to deal during visits and the best ways to deal with children, according to Hala Al-Azab, an expert in etiquette and human relations. where The etiquette expert told Youm7: “Parents must create a calm, comfortable, positive atmosphere for the child to obtain the greatest amount of achievement. They should also abandon intense conversations, because marital disputes not only negatively affect the spouses, but also affect the child’s psyche and his achievement during Studying, parents are also interested in their children becoming more successful than them, so it is necessary to provide what is necessary to obtain the best results.

Examination etiquette

And she continued: “It is better for the children to be dealt with in a special case and provide assistance and not oblige them to be the first, but we do what is required of reducing stress and providing times for studying and creating a schedule that helps them study, as well as providing time for play and rest.” And the professor of human relations continued: “The child must take care of his personal hygiene and the cleanliness of his room.

And “Hala” explains: “Also, we must take into account the dates of visits during exam time. It is not permissible to make visits at the time of children’s exams, unless it is necessary and does not wait for postponement. As for sudden visits, they are rejected at all times, but we have to meet the visitors with a smiley face and babysit them.” However, we do not allow the children to leave their studies and sit with the guests, but in the event that the guests ask to shake hands with the children and sit with them, a classy apology must be made and they should know that they have exams and also apologize to them that they will return the visit, but after the end of the exams.

Dealing with children's stress
Dealing with children’s stress


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