6 steps that will teach you how to accept your flaws and turn them into strengths

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There is no doubt that we all have personal flaws, even the best of us who feel that they are special and different, they also have flaws, but the striking thing is that those who succeed refuse to let their flaws drag them down. But those who were able to turn these shortcomings into strengths with sufficient will that anyone can have, and instead of hating yourself because of these shortcomings, it is time to embrace some of them and learn how to turn them into strengths, and “The Seventh Day” reviews the steps according to what he published. location “hackspirit“.

Step One: Acknowledge your flaws

You have to own up to your flaws, not only by telling yourself “I’m not perfect” or “I’m not the best at everything” but you should also take a hard look at your flaws and allow yourself to feel uncomfortable with them, but positively, by choosing quiet time to talk to yourself and work List the things you think are relevant in your life. Taking this step alone will have a tremendous impact on how you see yourself and your flaws.

Accept your imperfections

Step Two: Acknowledge your strengths

It is essential that you also try to acknowledge your strengths. If you do not do this, it is easy to end up with a complete lack of self-respect. You need to see your bright side, not just your dark side. Also, make a list of your strengths, but write down everything you remember so that it is a list. Big, distinctive and different from the previous list.

Step Three: Have a compassionate relationship with yourself

You should know that most of our flaws and the things that hold us back stem from our complex inner relationship with ourselves, and if you have a goal to turn your flaws into strengths, you must first be at peace with yourself and treat yourself with compassion, some may think that to be better they must be tough on themselves.

Self confidence
Self confidence

Step Four: Develop a healthy vision of success

You may think that having flaws in your character will turn you into a loser and you will never be able to find love, earn respect, and the things that make you successful, so what you must do is look for success.

Step Five: Find out what defects you need to change

You should know that not all defects are equal. Addiction or cheating are defects that need focus and effort on your own or with the help of others to overcome and overcome them. If you are not active, or obese, these can be “flaws” that it is good to accept as part of your personality, unless you have it. The ability to change it materially or physically.

strong personality
strong personality

Step Six: Be your own advocate

We can’t always rely on others to advocate for us or to understand us. That’s why it’s important for us to exercise control of our own space. When you have people trying to make fun of you for your “flaws,” instead of feeling sorry for yourself and accepting that they’re right, stop and ask yourself, Why do they do this? They may see you as weak, unrepentant, or unwilling to change.


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