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Works reveal the deadline for the completion of the rapid bus works

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publish date 2023-05-17 21:45:28

The Director of the Roads Department at the Ministry of Works and Housing, Maan Al-Rabadi, confirmed, on Wednesday, that all phases of the rapid bus project will be completed before the end of the current year 2023.

He added to Nabd Al-Balad program that there are reasons that delayed the progress of work on the project within the specified time plan, including the Corona pandemic, the operations of transferring lines to the second, third and fourth stages of the program.

He explained that the sewage lines inside the tunnels had an impact on delaying the project for a period of 8 months, noting that the specified distance for the express bus is 20 km from Amman to Zarqa.

“The foundations of bridges, retaining walls, and other important works that the citizen does not know about are the ones that delay work on the project,” according to al-Rabadi.

He pointed out that the prepared schedule was constantly modified as needed.

He concluded by saying, “The project’s work will end at the end of this year, and a small part of it will remain until the beginning of next year, and it will not affect the track and its mechanism of action.”

For his part, the Executive Director of Transport and Projects at the Greater Amman Municipality, Riyad Al-Kharabsheh, said that actions that are not visible to citizens are the ones that hinder the timeline for implementing the project.

He added that 30 km of the project has been implemented within the boundaries of the Municipality of Amman.

Regarding the use of the rapid bus route by civil defense and ambulance vehicles, he stressed that the issue needs further study and research, adding that walking on the rapid bus route must be carried out according to a specific and clear mechanism.

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