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This is what we gain from the absence of “educational influence” on our society

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publish date 2023-05-17 09:30:30

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The educational expert, Bushra Arabiyat, said in her statements to:compass“One of the most dangerous things our society is facing today is the “lack of educational influence,” which in turn was reflected in many negative behaviors seen today, which have brought us to a stage where they turn into fatal accidents that threaten the lives of the people of our society.

Arabiyat gave a reading of the vision of these dangerous behaviors, saying: The concept of education in society has begun to be noticeably absent, through many behaviors that we observe and see on a daily basis. These behaviors are countless, but I will refer to part of them because of their negative effects that appeared clearly. Among these behaviors is the continued use of a cell phone while driving in a way that endangers all road users, not to mention sudden lane changes and excessive speed, which has caused and continues to cause traffic accidents that have claimed the lives of many people.

And she continued by saying: “There is news I read a few days ago, that a person was caught smoking a water pipe while driving on one of the external roads, but I personally saw this scene in Amman near the signals of the Al-Sahafa Tunnel, in addition to driving illegally in side streets that are supposed to be in one direction, driving Dogs are for cars rather than their owners, all of this and more indicates that there is no effect of breeding, whether inside homes or in schools.”

Counselor Bushra Arabiyat: Education without influence is not education, but planning and planning for destruction

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The educational expert added by saying: “There must be a reason, and perhaps reasons, that worked on the absence of educational influence inside and outside the homes, and perhaps the most common reason that began to surface is the addiction to the use of technological devices in a way that does not serve education. Rather, most of the uses do not rise to the level of ambition. The uses were often the cause of the lack or lack of education.”

And she added, “This is because there is no censorship on many porn sites, not to mention the lack of sufficient awareness for users, and therefore we cannot see positive educational effects. The concept of the control of the Lord of the Worlds, unfortunately, of course, and the head cover sometimes became a cover for immoral actions, which prompted the father or brother to commit murders. Of course, this is not a justification for killing, but it is an inevitable result of the negative effects of the lack of education.

Arabiyat pointed out that “the educational role of schools has been absent for many years. We lost the educator teacher, and we lost the educational leader, the educator, which resulted in societal chaos in schools and universities. Even the behavior of students in the streets and during their exit from school or university does not indicate that they spent hours Within the educational edifice, and there is no doubt that the reason for this is due to the loss of role models, and the loss of interest in modifying any negative behavior.”

One of the sightings of dangerous traffic violations… dogs behind the wheel instead of their owners

And she said: “Therefore, there is no, and there will be no educational impact on students, so that schools become a place for memorization, and thus universities become a place where a cartoon outline of what is called a university degree is drawn, but in both cases a paper certificate devoid of concern, full of worries, devoid of knowledge, Full of types of ignorance, devoid of education, but full of immoral chaos that has spread rapidly in the larger society, so you see the young man and the girl wandering without knowing a goal, and if they decided to marry, their ally would be failure.

Arabiyat stressed that any breeding without effect is like an anesthetic needle that may relieve pain for hours, but it works on bleeding, pain and boundless pain if it is used incorrectly. Breeding without effect will result in the greatest destruction. Breeding without effect will work to reverse In thought and expression, education without influence will result in corruption and ruin that we may not be able to control, no matter how hard we try to think and measure.

She concluded her speech tocompassBy saying: “In summary, those who say about the education process without influence that it is education, I say to them: No, this is not education, but rather planning and planning for destruction.”


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