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Significant drop in temperatures starting Thursday in Jordan

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publish date 2023-05-17 20:29:30

The Arab Regional Weather Center expected that Jordan would be affected, starting from Thursday, by a moderately hot air mass, which would cause a significant decrease in temperatures to become lower than their rates for this time of the year, with an expected return to cold weather at night, which necessitates wearing warmer clothes.

And according to the Arab weather, a significant drop in temperatures occurs on Thursday, to become slightly lower than their usual rates for this time of the year, and the weather turns into a moderate temperature during the day in most regions and relatively hot in the Jordan Valley, the Sea of ​​the Dead and Aqaba, with the appearance of scattered clouds, and Winds are northwesterly, moderate to brisk, causing dust in the desert areas.

In the evening, cold weather prevails in general in most regions, with amounts of clouds appearing at different altitudes, according to Arab weather.

And he pointed out that Jordan will continue to be affected on Friday and Saturday by the moderate air mass, as temperatures tend to drop further and the weather will be mild spring in most regions, with clouds appearing at different heights, and northwesterly winds active at times, while the weather will be relatively cold. At night you need to wear warmer clothes.

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