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Issuing pre-qualification documents for two bids to supply two industrial cities with natural gas

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publish date 2023-05-17 18:45:35

Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources announced the issuance of pre-qualification documents for interested contractors to bid for the implementation of a project to supply the cities of (Al-Rawdah Industrial) in Ma’an Governorate and (Al-Muwaqqar Industrial) with natural gas.

The Assistant Secretary-General for Energy Affairs, Eng. Hassan Al-Hiyari, said in a press statement that the project came in line with the priorities contained in the initiatives of the vision of economic modernization in the energy sector, and in particular, work to supply industrial clusters with natural gas, as the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources adopted a national program to support Delivery of natural gas to cities and industrial clusters, in line with its comprehensive strategic plan for the energy sector for the years (2020-2030) to expand the base of using natural gas in all sectors, including the industrial sector, which will lead to a reduction in the energy costs required for production.

According to Al-Hiyari, this program aims to take additional measures to encourage the industrial sector to use natural gas, and to cover the cost of delivering natural gas to the industrial cities, especially since covering the industrial city of Rawda in Ma’an Governorate and the industrial city of Al-Muwaqqar with natural gas will be within the first phase of the industrial clusters that will deliver gas. And a feasibility study will be prepared for the rest of the industrial clusters.

The Ministry indicated that the deadline for submitting pre-qualification for the two bids is Sunday, 6/18/2023.

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