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Disclosure of the date of the start of the Jordanian pilgrimage mission

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publish date 2023-05-16 15:23:46

Al-Bawsala – Secretary of the Association of Travel and Tourism Agents, Issam Al-Shaer, expected the date of the first convoy of Jordanian pilgrims to the Holy Land.

Al-Shaer said that the first convoy of Jordanian pilgrims may set off on June 16 or 17.

He stated that the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and Holy Sites has not yet informed the tourism offices of the date for the start of the Jordanian pilgrimage mission.

He explained that setting the date for the departure of the convoy of Jordanian pilgrims is also linked to the delivery of hotels in Medina.

The share of Jordanian pilgrims this year is 8,000 pilgrims, as well as 4,500 pilgrims from the Palestinians of 1948.

The cost of Hajj for Jordanians for the 2023 season is estimated at about 3 thousand dinars, and the distinguished Hajj ranges between 5 and 9 thousand dinars.

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