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A Jordanian-Chinese agreement to establish restaurants, maintain electric vehicles, and smart farming technology

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publish date 2023-05-16 13:34:46

The President of the University of Jordan, Nazir Obeidat, discussed with the Director of the Center for the Transfer of Chinese Technology to the Arab Countries, Shelig J. Koum, means of cooperation and exchange of academic and professional experiences, as they affirmed their common vision of the need to benefit from what the technology of Chinese medicine and industry has reached, and transfer it to Jordan through knowledge channels and academic institutions.

After the meeting, they concluded a memorandum of mutual understanding, which dealt with many medical, agricultural and engineering aspects, both academic and professional.

The agreement aimed at transferring Chinese agricultural technology and its smart applications and employing them in agricultural stations owned by the university, exchanging agricultural seeds for high-yielding varieties, and building modern glass houses.

On the medical level, the Chinese Technology Transfer Center will establish a center for vaccinations to be located at the University of Jordan, in addition to building bridges of cooperation in the fields of medical education and Chinese medicine and designing joint academic and professional programs, especially since the university is heading – according to Abu Karaki – to adopt education using advanced technology such as simulation. In the medical fields, with its focus on professional programs that enhance skills and capabilities.

Under the agreement, the Chinese side will establish several laboratories for artificial intelligence and maintenance of electric cars, in cooperation with Chinese car manufacturers, a laboratory for aviation engineering sciences, and another for maintenance of smart phones, in addition to providing robots for the purposes of practical application to university students.

The agreement opens doors for cooperation and academic exchange, to allow Jordanian students to complete their studies in Chinese universities, while the university offers special programs in the Language Center to teach the Chinese the Arabic language.

Abu Karaki said that the university is actively seeking to build bridges of cooperation with various parties and at all levels. However, this fruitful cooperation with the Chinese side is a quantum leap in the academic and practical aspects, and bridges the gap between the university’s outputs and the labor market, and provides more alignment with the requirements of the stage.

The two sides affirmed their common vision of the necessity of discussing more aspects of cooperation, exchanging experiences, benefiting from them and developing them.

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