The flower fair is near.. What do you know about the city with the largest flower basket in the world?

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Spring in everyone’s mind is associated with roses, flowering and freshness of gardens. With the opening of the Spring Flowers exhibition at the Agricultural Museum approaching, many people are increasingly interested in plants, especially roses of all kinds. Rose cultivation is one of the most important agricultural activities in many cities around the world, and among these cities, the city of Taif in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is a good location for rose cultivation thanks to its pleasant climate and nearby mountains that provide good nutrition for plants. Rose cultivation is one of the most important agricultural activities in the city, as roses are used in the manufacture of perfumes, essential oils, and cosmetics.

Amal Shaira, an agricultural engineer, says that the city of Taif has been famous for more than 100 years in the cultivation of roses, and it has more than two thousand farms that produce about 650 million roses per year, and last year the city entered the Guinness Book of Records as the largest basket of roses in the world.

Taif rose

And she adds: The season of harvesting roses begins at the end of March and the beginning of April and lasts for 40 days called the Rosary Forty. Roses need intense care that lasts for a period of 75 days, starting from January, when they are pruned, then fertilized and watered until the harvest season begins in March, then care continues in the summer in terms of irrigation and fertilization, and in winter two months are left without care until January. Harvesting takes place in the early morning before sunrise to obtain the largest amount of the distinctive oily substance of the rose.

Roses per kilo

And the agricultural engineer continued: Roses are sold per kilo in Taif, and are entered into specialized laboratories with high accuracy, where they are placed in special copper pots, where they are distilled and condensed to obtain rose water and rose oil used in the manufacture of more than 80 different products, including perfumes, soap, rose oil, cosmetics, and the product of the process. The manufacture of the remaining roses is included in the manufacture of incense, which is the sweetest type of rose incense in the world.

The Ministry of Culture in Saudi Arabia is conducting training and educational courses and workshops in Taif to teach young people about the cultivation and manufacture of roses. Tourism agencies also organize periodic trips to visit the Taif of roses. It is called post-Umrah tourism, as about 3,000 visitors arrive daily in the city, except for the month of Ramadan.

Taif rose harvest
Taif rose harvest

Washing the Kaaba with sectarian rose water

The agricultural engineer also indicated that the Kaaba is washed with sectarian rose water twice a year and its walls are washed with it, and even the black stone is perfumed with rose oil and oud, and the “flower of kings” perfume is made from Taif roses, which is the most unique in the world because it contains 50% of rose water distilled and a small percentage of alcohol.


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