If you intend to go to the resort, know the etiquette they tell you to wear on the beach

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With the summer vacation approaching, we find that there are a large number of families busy preparing to go to the summer resort and preparing clothes to wear on the sea and what must be taken in their bag, so the seventh day reviews during the following lines the etiquette of choosing summer clothes on the sea, which is considered one of the necessary things to have, according to what she indicated To Hala Al-Azab, an expert in etiquette and human relations

Choosing summer clothes

Beach wear etiquette:

The etiquette expert told Youm7, “The mother should choose clothes for her children that can be worn on the beach, and also put them in a bag of natural materials such as wicker, plastic, fabrics, wood, and ropes, and also ensure that their size matches their contents. It is important to put large towels and bathrobes that Appropriate with the age of the children and choose the appropriate cashmere swimsuit for the age of the children.

Swimsuit etiquette and choice:

She added, “When choosing a swimsuit, it is preferable that it not be made of fabrics that stick to the body just because the water comes out, so as not to cause embarrassment to the child and the mother. The mother can wear a swimsuit.”Work me with the same material and make sure to choose sizes that suit the nature of the body, also choose light shoes from good materials that suit the weather from water, heat and sand so that the feet do not get inflamed from the heat of the sand, as well as hats, as they are among the important things especially for hyperactive children.

Evening wear and celebrations:

And she continued, “One of the important pieces that men and women should take care of is the white chemise that is suitable for wearing at all times with jeans and sophisticated shoes that can be worn for everyone in the evening and afternoon parties, as the classic and shiny outfit has no place in the summer nights and celebrations.” Rather, men should wear semi-casual and semi-formal clothes as well. As for women and children, the jumpsuit for shorts in the materials of jeppers and jeans, in all cheerful colors, is considered a suitable and elegant piece for the family.

As for the white dress, which can be worn in the evening time, it also fits elegantly in the sea picnics during the daytime. This piece is essential for any lady in the evening parties. Fashion and footwear vary according to the place. But it is preferable to stay away from shiny stones and complex hairstyles. Also, it is not correct to wear high-heeled shoes in beach nights, but it is allowed to wear them in cafes and high-end hotels.

Children's beachwear etiquette
Children’s beachwear etiquette
Summer bag
Summer bag


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