How to support a friend who is going through a strong state of grief? Listen with empathy and respect his privacy

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It’s natural to want to help a family member, friend or colleague who is going through a difficult time, but feeling responsible for someone else’s feelings can affect you too, and trying to make someone happy before they are ready, especially if they are sad or clinically depressed, are unable to Skipping something can backfire, making you both feel miserable.

Helping a depressed or “frustrated” person requires some information about them, says Valerie Wiffen, a psychologist in Vancouver, British Columbia, who specializes in the link between depression and relationships. Rejecting”, and this can provoke more feelings of sadness or frustration, and this may make things more difficult for you as well, “and instead advises that you keep in mind that this is not your problem that must be solved, but that you have to stand by it and with support in several steps that the seventh day reviews. according to the siteexperiencelife” as follows.

feeling sad

Listen sympathetically

People with depression want to feel that they are not alone and that they are being heard. Trying to put yourself in their shoes and respond from that point of view is great. Even if this seems difficult to you, they shouldn’t feel lonely. Help them with more than a thousand suggestions for self-improvement.

Respect his privacy

If you have a friend who is depressed and does not want to talk about the details of the matter clearly, you should respect his privacy and tell him that everything will be fine and soon.

Friends support
Friends support

Live a normal life

Whoever is going through a period of great sadness or depression, try to live a normal life with him, especially if he is close to you, in this way you can be a strong support for him and get him out of this sad period that he feels.

Don’t judge him

If you feel that he is the one who put himself in this matter out of grief, do not judge him. Try to calm him down and do not say to him, “You should have done this or that.”

friend support
friend support


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