How do you protect children who have witnessed incidents of domestic violence?.. “Help them before there is still trauma.”

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For victims of domestic violence, it is certain that physical assaults, emotional maltreatment, and other abuses they are exposed to affect their psychological well-being, but this harm does not depend on the primary victims only, but also children who witness the exposure of their mothers, fathers, or another family member to violence. Even if that violence is not directed against them.

The effects of witnessing domestic violence on children may appear within a short period of time, while other damages may be seen in the long term. between post-traumatic stress disorder and aggressive behavior or even repeating the same abusive pattern in their relationships, so we review, according to verywellmind, some tips that are useful in helping children who have witnessed a family member being subjected to domestic violence:

Domestic Violence

How to protect children from the impact of watching domestic violence?

Keeping children safe:

One of the best ways to protect the best interests of the child is for victims of domestic violence, whether the mother or another family member, to receive the support they need to leave the abusive environment. By doing so, children are spared further exposure to violence and are given a chance to grow up within a healthy environment.

healthy relationships

Teach children the dynamics of healthy relationships as they are safer in steps of protection, so talking to children about healthy interactions between groups around them can help them not see relationships as violent and abusive.

It is also preferable to teach children healthy ways to resolve conflicts in their various relationships, while making sure to share any stories or conversations that lead to violence.

Children’s education:

Educate children about boundaries, maintain an effective way to manage harm and prevent the cycle of domestic violence such as teaching children healthy boundaries that are not allowed To touch your body or vice versa, also to educate children about the danger of touch, it is possible to tell some proverbs that emphasize the danger of touch.

Protecting children from violence
Protecting children from violence
Protecting children from domestic violence
Protecting children from domestic violence


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