5 tips to boost a child’s self-confidence.. “Strengthening his social relationships is important”

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Each child has a unique personality with which he is born, but the surrounding environment plays a major role in shaping the personality. Parents, teachers, and caregivers bear a permanent responsibility to influence the child in developing his personality traits. Child weakness is one of the problems that need attention and treatment. Some steps can be followed. procedures to help him build and strengthen his character, according to the website “parentingIt is these procedures:

Enhancing the child’s self-confidence.

Stimulate self-confidence

Motivating the child to try new activities and skills, observing him when he learns them, and assuring him that he can do them on his own, helps him build self-confidence and strengthen his personality..

Encourage innovation and creativity

The child can be encouraged to innovate and be creative in his daily activities and tasks, by giving him a space of freedom in his expression, thinking, and experiencing things in a different way than the traditional ways..

Self confidence
Self confidence

Enhance social relationships

The child’s social relations can be enhanced by playing with other children and interacting with the surrounding community, and this helps to improve his personality and make friends that help him build self-confidence.

Paying attention to mental health

Attention must be given to the child’s mental health and to provide a healthy psychological environment, by listening to his problems and providing him with the necessary support, and giving him the opportunity to express his feelings and thoughts..

Pay attention to proper nutrition

Care must be taken to provide proper nutrition for the child, and this helps to improve his general health and enhance his personality.

Enhancing the child's self-confidence
Enhancing the child’s self-confidence


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