The “Egyptian Koshary” dish adorns the most famous tourist places in the Jordanian capital, Amman

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The most famous street in terms of name, location and history in Amman, an important site that includes many companies and shops, and it is a haven for everyone, whether Jordanians, residents or visitors as an entertainment center, as it includes some important Jordanian sites, such as the house of the Mufti and the house of King Talal, and it is located near the market Jara Al-Shaabi, and along the historic Jabal Al-Qalaa area in the city center, and connects it to the first circle and all the way to Mango Street in the east, in the heart of the capital.

Amidst the balconies of restaurants, cafes, and shops that are crowded with visitors, and within sight, it steals your sight and perhaps your heart and taste, especially if you are Egyptian, the location of the “Kashrina” store, which is the only one of its kind on the tourist street to sell Egyptian Koshary and in the authentic Egyptian way that smells like ” The Egyptian Koshary dish is a registered trademark for Egyptians only.

In the middle of the street and in the middle of several shops that sell food, the “Egyptian Koshari dish” announces itself in its own way, not as an advertisement, but rather with its expressive and attractive scent to open the appetite, even if those who pass on the street are non-Egyptians, but everyone knows the Egyptian Koshari and always seeks to obtain it.

Karim al-Faqi, a son of the Sharkia governorate, wears a chef’s clothes that may reflect to a large extent the Egyptian appearance of a koshari seller. He came from the center of the Egyptian Delta to the capital, Amman, in order to work in a koshari shop owned by his uncle, who also owns a group of koshari shops in different areas in the capital, Amman. and its environs.

And inside a shop that enjoys a simple but very elegant décor, and on what is called a “bank”, Karim El-Faqi stands to prepare the Koshary dish to be presented to customers, and he feels proud that the Egyptian Koshari is invading the Arab and foreign world, considering that the Egyptian Koshari is considered an authentic Egyptian folklore and one of the dishes. Egyptians throughout the ages and perhaps a major meal in the lives of Egyptians in general.

Karim al-Fiqi, the director of the Middle East News Agency office in Amman, while preparing an authentic Egyptian koshari dish, said that he came to Jordan 5 years ago and works in this shop owned by his uncle, indicating that the Egyptian koshari dish is an ambassador for Egyptian food in Amman.

Al-Fiqi added that the Jordanian people are willing to buy Egyptian koshari, especially those who visited Cairo, explaining that the demand is great and expresses the Jordanian people’s love for Egyptian food, including koshari.

He pointed out that he makes the Egyptian Koshari dish with pure Egyptian specifications, but he may change some ingredients through the customer’s request, pointing out that foreign tourists also buy the “Egyptian Koshari dish” and are happy to eat it a lot.

Al-Fiqi noted that the Jordanian official authorities licensed him by completing the papers with ease, and he always finds follow-up from the concerned authorities in the interest of public life, praising the official authorities’ dealings with him and with all Egyptians who are in Jordan and work as if they were in their country, Egypt.

During our tour of the shop where Karim Al-Feki stands and prepares the “koshari dish”, we found the utensils in which koshari is sold in Egypt and in the same way of preparation, stressing “Al-Feki” that he wanted to convey the Egyptian reality to Jordan, especially in the smallest details of preparing koshari, while the bottle of accuracy was The Egyptian-style chili is present on the “Kushari dish in Jordan” table.

As it was noted, Karim hung the Egyptian flag in the corners of the shop as an expression of belonging to the homeland, and next to the Jordanian flag as an expression of the strength of Egyptian-Jordanian relations at all levels.

There is a Jordanian-Arab food called “Mujadara”, which is a dish from the Arab Levant that Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Iraq are famous for. Its main components are lentils and rice, and it is one of the traditional Arab foods, as it is mentioned in the book Al-Tabikh in the year 1226 by its author Muhammad bin Hassan Al-Baghdadi. It is a dish somewhat similar to the Egyptian Koshari dish, which the Egyptians consider a soft language to win the love and friendliness of others in the world.

There are many shops selling Egyptian koshari in several governorates of the Kingdom here, to confirm always and forever that the famous “Egyptian koshari dish” transcends borders and continents and expresses an authentic Egyptian heritage that invades the world.


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