Pink lips and dark eyes… the most prominent makeup trends for summer 2023

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Makeup trends change from year to year, and from season to season, between prominent lines of beauty, or loud, striking colors, but in the summer of this year, makeup trends tend to be made for natural colors similar to skin color, as in the past there were strong bright colors, but this year colors dominated Soft and delicate, in the following lines we present the makeup trends of the current year 2023 in the world of beauty. According to the magazine’s websiteHarpers Bazaar

Dark smokey eye makeup

Dark smoky eye makeup is expected to be one of the popular trends in the fashion world for the summer of 2023. Dark eye colors, such as black, gray and turquoise, will be applied boldly.

smoky eyes

Pink lip makeup

The natural lip makeup trend is expected to continue in the summer of 2023, when natural and soft colors, such as light pink, beige, and red berries, will be the most popular.

Thick eyelashes

Thick eyelashes are one of the trends this year in eye makeup, as thick false eyelashes will be used to give a bold and beautiful look to the eyes. And eyelashes can be colored

Thick eyelashes
Thick eyelashes

natural skin makeup

Natural skin makeup will be renewed in the summer of 2023, where soft and natural colors will be the focus on smooth skin that looks healthy and beautiful. It can appear during the day

Bold colours

Bold color will be a popular trend in the summer of 2023, as bright and bold colors, such as blue, red, yellow and green, will be used in eye, lip and cheek makeup. This make-up is suitable for evening wear.

Dark lipstick
Dark lipstick


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