Natural recipes for lightening and moisturizing the skin with hibiscus

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Hibiscus is very useful and everyone likes to drink it, whether hot or cold, as a natural healthy drink, but did you know that hibiscus can be used in skin care? Hibiscus contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, and it contains many proteins and vitamins that are important for skin care, and this can be done within the daily routine.

According to the site stylecraz There are many uses for the skin of hibiscus, such as lightening and moisturizing the skin. To find out, you can follow the following report:

Hibiscus for the skin

Natural recipes to lighten the skin with hibiscus

Hibiscus recipe for acne

Hibiscus, when making a mask with it, can treat acne, make the skin color uniform, and help cleanse and exfoliate the skin in a great way. For those who have sensitive skin, they can stay away from using lemon with hibiscus.

the components

2 teaspoons of hibiscus powder

1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel or yogurt

1 teaspoon of lemon juice


Aloe vera gel or yogurt is mixed with hibiscus powder

Add a few drops of lemon juice if the skin is not sensitive

Mix the ingredients into a thick paste

The paste is placed on the face and neck and left for 30 minutes

This mask can be applied every day on the face for a month to reduce acne and amazing skin rejuvenation.

young love

young love

Hibiscus recipe to moisturize the skin

the components

Powder of dried hibiscus petals from 20 to 30 petals

2 tablespoons of olive or almond oil

Very little saffron threads

1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel



Olive or almond oil is added to dried hibiscus petals

The ingredients are finely ground

Microwave the floss for 2 to 3 minutes

The mixture is transferred to a muslin cloth, and pressed into a small bowl

A little saffron threads and aloe vera gel are put into oil, and mixed together to obtain a paste to moisturize the face, for an impressive result.

Hibiscus powder
Hibiscus powder


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