How do you use a hair straightener safely at home?

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Every girl wants her hair to be smooth, soft and beautiful by taking care of it so that it becomes healthy, and there are several things that make hair smooth like a hair straightener. And the girl who does not want to go to the beauty salon can safely do that process herself, without having to leave the house, and you can follow the following report that will explain how to use the hair straightener at home easily, according to the “”stylecraze“.


How can hair be made ready for straightening?

Before a girl straightens her hair at home, the hair must be prepared first. The hair may become frizzy as a result of pollution and various styling products, and it may not be manageable. Therefore, the hair must be washed before thinking about straightening it.

You must use a moisturizing and nourishing shampoo for the hair so that the hair becomes soft, and you must make sure that the hair is dry before applying the hair straightener on it, and that it is not wet.

Choose a suitable type of hair straightener

Care must be taken to choose a good and suitable type of hair straightener, and it is preferable when choosing a hair straightener that it be flat because it is the best, and it may be very expensive, but it is definitely the best in terms of safety, and a suitable size for the hair straightener must be chosen, and the width of the plate is ideal .

How to use a hair straightener at home

Washing hair with a good moisturizing shampoo

And you must use a heat-protective hair spray, then dry the hair with a dryer after washing. A softening shampoo that controls curling and moisturizing is used if the hair is thick.



Dry hair with a towel

When drying the hair, start from the roots to the tips, while combing the hair well and untangling any tangles between the locks of hair.

Hair protection spray

A spray can be used to protect the hair from heat damage, while not applying the serum to the roots, which may make the hair greasy.

Protective spray

Protective spray

Split hair

And when preparing the hair for the individual, the hair must be divided into sections to straighten the hair in stages from all sides for a better result.

temperature setting

The correct temperature should be set on the iron and this depends on the length of each girl’s hair.

Leave an inch from the roots

One inch should be left from the roots and start straightening all hair strands, and clips can be used to secure the rest of the hair when straightening each section of hair, until beautiful smooth hair is obtained.

Hair straightener

Hair straightener


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