Beauty in the way of Queen Cleopatra.. Rose water, grapes and milk bath are the most prominent secrets

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Throughout the ages, Queen Cleopatra was known for her beauty, which was based on natural materials distinguished by their benefits, as she had many beauty secrets that dazzled the world with her for many centuries, so everything had a specific use for a specific part of her body, and one of the most famous secrets of her beauty is that she slept with a golden mask on her face, Which made her have a distinctive, taut and wrinkle-free complexion, and “The Seventh Day” reviews various secrets of the beauty of Queen Cleopatra, some of which can be resorted to, and some that cannot be implemented, according to the website’s bulletin.topinspired“.

milk bath

Queen Cleopatra used to mix a little donkey’s milk with fresh honey and almond oil, to get a soft, glowing, and slender body, and this milk can be replaced with coconut milk and poured on your body, or put the mixture in a sprayer that sprays the body with it to get the same result.

The ancient Egyptians

green grapes

Queen Cleopatra used a green grape mask to protect the skin from sun pigmentation and oxidation. She just mashed a cup of grapes, added honey to it, left it on her face, and washed it with lukewarm water.

Sea salt scrub for body and face

The sea salt scrub was the natural exfoliator she used to exfoliate her body and face, it’s a great way to remove dead skin cells and make your skin shiny and smooth, and this can be done after the previous milk bath.

Rose water as a face toner

Wipe your face with rose water every morning and every evening, as a natural face toner, because it makes your skin soft, smooth, moisturized, wrinkle-free and has no signs of age.

skin care
skin care

Apple cider vinegar to rinse the face

Queen Cleopatra used diluted apple cider vinegar to wash her face with it, after a warm bath, without rinsing it, because it cleans the skin and its cells, and prevents the formation of black pimples, and the formation of infections from weather factors.


Henna as nail polish

Queen Cleopatra used natural nail polish for her nails, which she dyed with henna, which protects her nails and gives her nails a beautiful reddish-brown color.


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