Arguments used by some to justify automatic friend requests on Facebook.. to prevent embarrassment

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A technical glitch occurred yesterday on the social networking site “Facebook”, which caused friend requests to be sent automatically as soon as the personal account was opened, which caused embarrassment to many users, who felt perplexed and inconvenienced and began to think of a number of arguments and justifications, to send friend requests, especially to people They do not have a strong relationship with them, and they may have used some common justifications that we review in this report.

Arguments may have been used yesterday to justify friend requests

I reassure you

Some Facebook users may have used the pretext of wanting to check on this person, who was surprised that he had sent him a friend request automatically against his will, so he felt embarrassed and tried to argue with his desire to check on him, and this argument could be used with a colleague or neighbor.

Send a friend request on Facebook

I met you in front of your guest

Some Facebook users can justify the automatic friend request under the pretext of his desire to strengthen his relationship with him, especially if he is a neighbor or colleague, with nothing but greetings and congratulations on occasions, and he may complete his argument that the social networking site offered him his page, so he added it.

Another comic
Another comic

Your guest by mistake

Some may use the old traditional justification that some have been claiming for many years, which is the claim of adding a person by mistake, but this argument is one of the illogical arguments, as it is not possible to add another person without intentionally and pressing to add him as a friend.


I want to ask you about something

Some may also use justification for the need to ask the person who automatically added it, especially if it was a professional colleague to ask him about something at work and also if it was a co-worker to ask him about something at work and so on to justify adding him.

friend requests
friend requests

I don’t know how it happened!

Some may argue that sending an automatic friend request is ignorant of what happened, saying, when asked about the reason for sending a friend request, the phrase “I don’t know how it happened!”, which some may repeat to people who were in disagreement with them for a while and were surprised by the request for friendship.


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