A small dog flying a glider accompanied by its owner on amazing adventures.. Video and photos

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The French adventurer, Shams, is keen to accompany his dog, in all his adventures and activities, including paragliding, as Shams decided, after his return from India in the summer of 2021, to adopt a dog, after he felt a great depression, as he wanted a companion to share with him in all his activities..

Indeed, “Shams” adopted a Samoyed dog, at the age of 4 years, and the dog, whose name was “Oka”, was not very lucky at that time, as it was abandoned twice before the adventurer got it, and Shams said, commenting on this idea: “I love To say he needed me as much as I needed him,” according to the website CNN Arabic.

After “Shams” knew that many of his friends were flying with their dogs high in the sky, he decided to teach “Oka” the skills of gliding, and he was keen to teach his dog how to fly, behave when flying high, and even land, and designed a special belt for “Oka” so that he could fly comfortably.

A dog doing paragliding

Sun flying in calm weather conditions

And “Shams” tends to fly in very calm weather conditions with his dog, especially during the morning and evening periods, and the video clips won the admiration of many of “Shams”’s followers on social media..

The French adventurer said: “It was a big surprise .. It seems that the majority of people do not know that you can fly with your dog! I think it is not common .. They feel amazed in general at how relaxed the Oka is in the air.”

Adventurous dog
Adventurous dog

French adventurer with his dog
French adventurer with his dog

French adventurer and dog
French adventurer and dog

Dog adventures
Dog adventures


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