7 reasons that make you think of the “X”, including vanity and keeping his gifts

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Some may think that thinking about the ex-lover is unnatural, and raises anxiety and tension, but it is normal that you remember any relationship you were going through, but it is unnatural to think about it continuously and affect your thoughts and life, no matter how time passes, and the people around you differ, so thinking about your lover The ex is completely normal, and the presence of past memories and minor thoughts related to your ex-lover is not a mistake, but “The Seventh Day” reviews some of the reasons why you are still thinking about the ex-lover, according to what was published by the “Seventh Day” website.hetexted“.

Thinking of an ex-lover

You are not happy with your current life

You may be shocked by the sudden separation, and for this reason you keep thinking about your ex-lover. You may be surprised that the person on whom you built your life and happiness is the cause of your sadness, and at this time you need to boost your self-confidence.

You entered into another relationship and you did not get over the previous relationship

The reason for your constant thinking about him may be how to get over him or get over him and consider you a stage while for you you are still thinking about him, or you could not get over him and enter into another relationship.

ex lover
ex lover

The reason for the breakup is still unknown

You may still think about this person because you are still looking for answers, and sometimes you just need an apology or a simple reason for them to stay away from you, and this may help you think about them, and it may be a reason to move on.

Link your daily routine to it

If your relationship was deep, and it reached marriage and the separation took place for any reason, this may be a reason for not forgetting, because of the interdependence of your day and the routine of your life together for a period of time, whether long or short, and even if you no longer love him, then forgetting may take a long time, and it may reach Even entering into a new relationship.

You haven’t forgiven yourself

If you are not able to forgive yourself after the passage of time, you will feel hatred, anger, a little love and distrust of yourself, you cannot get rid of the memories and feelings that you had together.

Memories with an ex-lover
Memories with an ex-lover

You still keep your ex-boyfriend’s gifts

You may not feel the same about your ex-boyfriend anymore, but the moment you keep his things, you will think of him. It is natural that every gift has a memory and a reason for coming with it. When your eyes come to each of them, you remember what was happening between you and the feeling you were feeling. its time.

Your ego stirs your thoughts

Your ego makes you think of your ex all of a sudden or even after 10 years. You have this ultimate drive to show your ex that you’ve changed or that you’re getting better without him. Your ego is always telling you to show yourself and prove him wrong in order to clear your conscience and feelings towards him.


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