4 signs that reveal a child’s exposure to domestic violence. Hesitation and involuntary urination are the most prominent

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Some may believe that parental violence or family violence is only beating and physical harm, and that is why many parents avoid this method of dealing with their children, and despite that they may refuse to acknowledge their actions, and therefore there are some dangerous signs that appear on the child that confirm That he is exposed to family abuse or violence, the teachers and the captain who deals with the child away from home must realize it and tell the parents about it, and reviews the seventh day according to the “Seventh Day” website.dcfpTypes of domestic violence and signs that appear on the child of each type.

Domestic violence

Signs of physical violence

It is one of the most abusive and terrifying types of violence, and you may find a child who is exposed to this type of violence, repeatedly, with physical signs, whether with signs of distress or a broken hand or foot, and if you do not find signs on the child’s body, you may find him always afraid and hesitant , aggressive, and does not have confidence in himself to express an opinion.

Signs of sexual violence

It is a kind of ferocious species that any child can be exposed to, and you may find this child suffering from involuntary urination, constant fear and crying, as he speaks little and rarely interacts with others, given the threat of his aggressor.


Signs of emotional abuse

This child may suffer from emotional violence, which is represented in blackmail with the phrase “If you do not fulfill what is required of you, I will not love you.” This is what makes the child always seek to fulfill those who ask him to obtain love. And submit to their orders, so as not to turn away from him, and if he cannot fulfill the orders of others, he may become depressed.

family problems
family problems

Signs of exposure to psychological violence

This type of violence may create a personality that always feels lonely and believes that he is to blame in some way. It may also cause this child to always feel ashamed of himself and his actions, even if they are correct, which results in a frightened, isolated and confused person.


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