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Mashuqa asks a parliamentary question to the government about the “Party and Rescue Party”

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publish date 2023-05-14 14:06:15

Representative Adnan Mashuqa addressed a question to the government, through which he clarified the reasons for the restrictions that the Partnership and Salvation Party is subjected to by the state agencies that are supposed to implement laws and regulations to modernize the political system.

The deputy asked to reveal the reasons that prompted the Independent Election Commission to not allow the Partnership and Rescue Party to hold its general conference, asking, “Are there any violations registered on the party that contradict the constitution or regulations, and what are these violations, if any?”

He pointed out that the party is required to provide non-conviction to its members, although the parties law does not require this, explaining the reasons for the restrictions on the party, given that it operates under the ceiling of the constitution and within the law.

In his question, Mashuqa said, “Do the government’s practices against the party conflict with the system of political modernization laws, wondering if there are any external links to the party, or revoking its license if it is not desirable.

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