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A relatively hot air mass affects Jordan, starting from Tuesday

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publish date 2023-05-14 23:27:16

The Arab Weather website suggested that Jordan would be affected by a new, relatively hot air mass on Monday, while its effect begins on Tuesday, according to the periodic weather forecasts issued by the site.

This mass comes as a result of the positioning of a cold air mass in the middle of the Mediterranean, which pushes hotter air currents than usual across the Egyptian desert and the Arabian Peninsula towards the Levant.

It is expected, God willing, that temperatures will rise on Monday, to become higher than their usual rates for this time of the year by about 3-5 degrees Celsius, so that the weather will be warm over the mountain heights, and hot in the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and Aqaba, and winds Light to moderate northeasterly, and turns to northwesterly moderate speed in the afternoon, may become active at times.

As for the night hours, the temperatures tend to rise compared to the previous nights, and the weather is generally mild in most regions.

Temperatures continue to rise on Tuesday and Wednesday, exceeding their usual rates by more than 7 degrees Celsius, and the weather turns to be relatively hot in most regions, while the weather continues to be hot in the Badia, the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea and Aqaba.

The winds will be southeasterly to easterly, moderate in speed, active in some areas, and turn with the afternoon hours to northwesterly, moderate in speed, which may become active at times.

And the weather remains much warmer than usual during the night hours, and tends to be moderate during the late night and early morning.

However, this relatively hot weather will not last for long, as the signals rise again to the incursion of a moderate-temperature air mass into the Kingdom’s airspace, starting from Thursday, so that a significant drop in temperatures occurs and the weather returns to become moderate during the day in most regions, while it tends to be cold in hours. night, God willing.

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