Washwasha service: “My brother refuses to help after he suffered a stroke”

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My older brother had a stroke about two months ago, which led to paralysis and inability to move as before. His behavior changed radically after his stroke and he became abnormal in his behaviour. Physiotherapy advised by the doctors, one of the doctors advised us to try to refer the matter to a psychiatrist for evaluation, and some said that he has become mentally ill as a result of the brain injury, we love him and serve him but he no longer accepts anyone and wants to live alone in the dark and wishes for death, so what do we do for him ?


Dear reader, we transferred your consultation to Dr. Raymond Michel Thabet, a mental health consultant, who said: One of the best things we can do towards a stroke patient is to continue to serve him, encourage him, and show practical love for him, not with words or tongues, but with action, with care, attention, and endurance, and this is an important and necessary thing to improve his response. for treatment and rehabilitation.

The improvement in the ability to move sometimes may extend to six months after the stroke, so please do not despair and reassure him that there is hope for an improvement in his motor ability, and we must realize that strokes may cause injury to the center responsible for speech in the brain, which causes the inability to speak clearly or The ability to establish a dialogue with others as before, but he realizes, understands and feels those around him, but with less verbal expression.

It is well known that strokes, regardless of their severity, affect the soul as well as the body. One cannot be separated from the other. Man is one integrated and interdependent entity. It is natural for brain injuries to cause a noticeable change in the soul and behavior.

I consider that your brother now is a trust that God has entrusted to you and whose care he will ask you about, so please do not give up and despair, no matter how unsatisfactory his response is to you, and no matter how desperate he feels, he is in dire need of providing positive psychological support and continuing to provide him with psychological assistance.

At the beginning of the evaluation, we have to know whether his memory has been affected or not, as the matter differs according to the affected area of ​​the brain and its severity. Please evaluate the matter first with the doctor treating the brother. Symptoms of depression that appear after strokes occur in many people and need medication that treats nervousness and psychological anxiety after knowing And reviewing other diseases that he suffers from, such as blood pressure and diabetes, and based on the brother’s current age, please follow up directly with the neurologist in order to supervise the treatment and give him what suits his condition.

In terms of psychological and behavioral guidance, I hope that you do not stress him too much in any discussion and do not rebuke him, but rather with love, bear with each other and continue giving, whatever his reaction to that, he needs complete rest and distance from the causes of anger, tension and quarrels. We are dealing with a disease that causes weakness in movement, nerve problems, speech difficulties, sleep disturbances, and bad mood. Hold on as one family with love, and God will compensate for the fatigue of your service. Many people with strokes lose the ability to think logically and balance matters with the balance of wisdom and reason. It is not surprising that we must admit and accept it. But by the grace of God, the matter will improve, and the brother’s behavior will improve after continuing treatment and follow-up. I hope that physiotherapy will continue to be provided to the brother without despair, leaving the matter to the Almighty God, who has everything in his hand.

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Within the framework of “The Seventh Day”‘s keenness to communicate directly with readers, and to provide various and varied services, “The Seventh Day” launched the “Washsha” service to receive any inquiries or psychological, social or educational problems, provided that the problems are presented to trusted experts and specialists and the responses are published via Website and newspaper.

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