Tips for high school students to get rid of stress while studying

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The feeling of anxiety and tension while reviewing study materials before exams causes difficulty in concentrating, and therefore the student is unable to answer questions during the exam.kaptest“.

Tips for high school students to get rid of stress


Aerobic exercises help get rid of feelings of stress and anxiety, such as jogging, jumping ropes, and other simple exercises for several minutes. Therefore, high school students are advised to allocate time to practice or use them when feeling stressed.

getting out of the house

When feeling stressed and anxious, it is preferable to get out of the house and walk for several minutes to enjoy the fresh air and natural scenery, which helps calm nerves and get rid of stress, or even talk to a friend for half an hour on any subject other than exams.

A student revising his lessons


It is advised to write things that cause the student to feel uncomfortable and stressed, which is considered a kind of looseness, or even to write a short romantic story to relieve the stress of studying.

A female student feels overwhelmed
A female student feels overwhelmed

practicing hobbies

Doing hobbies helps to feel relaxed, whether by reading a book, playing video games, or any other kind of different hobbies that help get rid of the feeling of anxiety.

A student is worried
A student is worried

Relax your mind and muscles

It is advised to practice some yoga or take a hot bath, or a ten-minute massage, which helps to feel relaxed and escape from reality.

Just breathe

It is recommended to take a deep breath for five seconds, which helps to get rid of the feeling of anxiety and tension, focus on studying and gather many information that the student needs while taking the exam.


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