Hairstyles for long-faced women for an attractive and unforgettable look

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Choosing the appropriate hairstyle for the shape of the face is one of the important things that must be taken into account when cutting hair, as the hairstyle that suits the shape of the face gives a beautiful and harmonious appearance, hides facial imperfections and highlights its features, which enhances self-confidence and makes the general appearance of the person more attractive and beautiful.

Some girls may choose a hairstyle to look beautiful, but the opposite happens because it is not suitable for them, so we review some hairstyles suitable for women with a long face, according to the site “ stylecraze“.


Attractive hairstyles for long faces:

First hairdo:

Waves can be added to the hair to make the hair thicker, and this will make the face more streamlined and smaller than it really is, and a slanted side part that ends at the crown can be made to add a touch of height to the shape of the face.

The first hairdo

The first hairdo

The second hairdo:

Women with a long or rectangular face can get a beautiful hairstyle, by making the locks of hair have a lot of curls around the face, to give the impression that the face is small and not long.

The second hairdo

The second hairdo

The third hairdo:

The girl with a long face may have soft, flowing hair. This soft hair can be used to create more width for the face and its general shape, to balance the face, by doing a haircut to create the illusion that the face is shorter, because it covers the large forehead, which gives the face more Wide, which gives an amazing, eye-catching look and is easy to do, which gives perfect proportions to facial features.

The third hairdo

The third hairdo

Fourth hairdo:

One of the ideal lengths of hair is straight shoulder length hair, the shorter layer should end at the chin, and the face is defined with highlighting the bone structure in the jaw line, and it is suitable for formal and work interviews, and this hairstyle is one of the most common cuts.

Fourth hairdo
Fourth hairdo


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