Amazing close-up scenes of volcanic lava that looks like a waterfall on the island of Hawaii.. Video and photos

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An American photographer named Kawika Singson was able to capture amazing and dangerous scenes at the same time, documenting the moment of lava flow in the vicinity of the island of Hawaii.

Sengsson’s passion prompted him to get very close to documenting the moment and sharing it with his followers on his YouTube channel, as he captured the scenes from a unique, dangerous and very close angle, and the footage reveals how a new land is formed right before your eyes on the rugged volcanic coast, according to the site. CNN Arabic.

Lava pouring into the ocean

lava flow
lava flow

And while Sengson, who is from the big island of Hawaii, stands on a ledge hanging over the water, everything works against him, as the volcanic landscape is very unstable, and ocean waves collide with hot molten lava, whose temperature reaches about a thousand degrees Fahrenheit, or about 538 Celsius.

Lava gases may be toxic

Also, the lava gases that enter the middle of the Pacific Ocean could have been toxic, and Sengson is always keen to wear a respirator in case the wind changes direction and toxic gases are directed towards him.

The adventurous photographer drove approximately 322 kilometers to the volcano every week for an entire year until the volcano stopped erupting completely, and when its lava flowed into the ocean, Singson wanted to capture scenes no one else had before.

Lava descends like a waterfall
Lava descends like a waterfall

Lava on the island of Hawaii
Lava on the island of Hawaii

“There are not many opportunities to get close to the ocean to the same degree that you were close to it… This is a rare shot that you probably won’t find anywhere else,” Singson said. Very difficult, not to mention dangerous.



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