A psychology professor offers a prescription to avoid exacerbating marital problems

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“Most fire is from small sparks.” This applies even to a major problem such as divorce, as it often happens because of the intransigence in the views of each of the two sides of the family, so the problem begins with a small one that can be remedied with some simple actions and reassuring words for the other party, but with stubbornness and verbal violence the spark can grow. So that our families are not exposed to such events, Dr. Sawsan Fayed, a professor of social psychology at the National Center for Criminal and Social Research, offers a prescription for not exacerbating family problems so that they do not reach the final point of “divorce.”

The professor of social psychology said: Unfortunately, society is currently suffering from a crisis of values. There are only values ​​of stubbornness, violence and revenge, and this requires work from religious, cultural and social institutions, and there must be deterrence for those who try to overthrow the rights of the other.

Dr. Sawsan Fayed

She added: The most important thing is for each party to know that negotiation and understanding are the basis for solving all problems, and violence only comes with violence and the problems of all are indispensable, and the rapid intervention of the senior parties to confront and stop the state of violence and intransigence, and here it needs permanent preoccupation and modification of behavior and concepts from the religious, cultural and media establishment, and not Evasion is the solution that one of the parties resorts to. This is what the professor of social psychology emphasized. Unfortunately, we need strong deterrent laws from the responsible institutions, and permanent awareness directed by the concerned authorities so that it is in front of everyone to remind, as this affects the conscience of men and women and reduces the state of intransigence. And the club that exists within our society between married couples today.

And the professor of social psychology continued: If there are some men who have negative attitudes, then there are women who have provocative attitudes that attack men against them, then this mutual violence must be stopped, and this needs a permanent discourse that creates a healthy climate for values ​​so that the existing state of fighting ends.

Regarding the most difficult types of domestic violence, Fayed said: Psychological and moral violence is stronger and more effective than physical, whether it is practiced on both sides of the family or on children. Concerned, whether cultural, religious, media, and most importantly dramatic, because of their direct impact on the viewer in order to revive the conscience again. Also, the work of these institutions must be cohesive and complementary to the other, and away from separate work. He made studies on these negative phenomena and treated them in a short-term and long-term way to influence human behavior.

The professor of psychology and sociology emphasized pre-marriage preparation, rehabilitation of young people, an explanation of the concept of marriage and marital relations, and teaching the values ​​of patience, tolerance, cooperation, and concession for the smooth conduct of life, and that marriage is the formation of a family, not entertainment and relaxation, and also how to make the right and correct choice based on the factors of social equivalence and psychological compatibility. And works of the mind so as not to reach failure in the end.


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