A child with Down syndrome gets a black belt in karate for the second time

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There aren’t many people in Lodi, Italy, who don’t know Ryan Robinson, the friendly face they see when they go out at the grocery store or other stores, but what those around him don’t know is that Ryan is about to achieve a great achievement in karate.

Over a period of 4 years, Robinson spent most of his free time training and practicing his karate skills in downtown Lodi, and while Robinson suffers from Down syndrome, he does not let that prevent him from achieving his goals, according to what was published by wxow.


First black belt

In 2021, the Italian child obtained a little black belt, and he said, “It teaches you self-discipline, honor, and integrity… I love to challenge myself.” And when Robinson first joined American Karate, John Plumer, the leader of the dojo, did not know how much he would be able to achieve, But after only a few sessions, Plummer realized that Robinson was not like any of his other students.

“I said, ‘Ryan, I don’t know there’s anything we can do here that you can’t do,’ Plumer said. ‘I don’t think you have a roof.’ And he gave me a big hug.”

Second black belt

This weekend, all of Robinson’s hard work and training finally paid off, as he earned his second black belt, called the “Executive Black Belt” that was specially adapted to meet Robinson’s specific needs.

“It was crazy for me,” said Robinson. “The first time I started, I was kind of nervous for once, but I promised my brother that I needed to prove to myself and the world, to stand up for myself.”

Robinson often accompanies his mother, Margot Robinson, around town, but she says the dojo is his safe place to be with his friends, everyone has his back, and this week Robinson is supposed to receive his black belt in a special ceremony at Lodi High School, while this The honor would certainly mean a lot to Robinson, but he says nothing means more to him than the acceptance of his community.


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