5 tips to strengthen your relationship with your wife and avoid the causes of divorce

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Many people go to great lengths to start relationships, get engaged, and then get married, and then give up thinking they’ve finally reached their happy ending. But what many people do not know is that relationships also need effort to continue, so the seventh day reviews in the following lines 5 tips that help you win the heart of a woman and strengthen the relationship between you after marriage and keep away from the causes of divorce, according to what Shaima Iraqi, a consultant for family relations and behavior modification, indicated.

Reasons to prevent domestic violence

thank her:

Give thanks to your wife for doing simple things. It may seem to you that it is something that does not deserve thanks, but there are a large number of women who want someone to make them feel important and the importance of what they did. Also, many of them consider gratitude an appreciation, as appreciating things increases the life of the relationship.

Feel it there:

Pay attention to her.. Make him feel that she is an important person, but not pay attention to her negative actions, because each of us has a positive action and another negative action, so you have to look at the positives, share them with what should be shared, such as “Your clothes are beautiful, you look sweet” You are beautiful, positive words mixed with romance from The best tricks that make the relationship go safe.

Make it strong:

When dealing with a woman, it is preferable to make her feel that she is a strong and reliable person who can share your choices with her. Try not to speak in the masculine form, “I am the man,” but it is preferable that there be equality in dealing.


There is no successful relationship without mutual respect. Respect is an important part when building any relationship. You must show your respect for her and her privacy, and do not try to engage in things that you are not authorized to do. They may be things that belong to family and friends.


Be patient when dealing with any situation that may cause the end of the relationship, always make her feel that you love her and cannot live without her, as there are a number of women who are terrified by the idea of ​​abandonment and abandonment, so always be the best supportive of her.

successful family life
successful family life
Reasons to prevent divorce
Reasons to prevent divorce


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