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“Bastats” in the city center: the removal of “transgression” or the execution of hundreds of young men who provide for their families

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publish date 2023-05-13 11:32:04

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The debate continues in the Jordanian street after the recent campaign of the Greater Amman Municipality to remove random street stalls and related “encroachments” on the road, between supporters of this measure and demands to find alternatives in light of the difficult economic conditions that Jordan suffers from and the difficulties faced by Jordanian youth in finding job opportunities that secure a livelihood for them. generous.

Journalist Ali Saadeh raised the issue of “stalls” in the city center and the resultant clean sidewalks without overcrowding, stressing at the same time that many of these Jordanian youth who own stalls need to find alternatives, especially since they support their families in difficult times and economic conditions are no longer bearable.

Saadeh said in his observation of the sidewalks of the downtown streets a week ago, which are “without stalls and clean, and walking in them is comfortable.” He added that: Despite my reservations about the way the stalls were displayed previously in a random manner, I got used to the sidewalk and to the shops, who also attacked the sidewalk, and it turned into a “empty” style. But not providing an alternative is a death sentence for hundreds of young men who used to make a living from it.

He pointed out that “the principle is to find places for these stalls in an organized manner that is subject to permanent supervision and away from the sidewalks.”

He pointed out that “Friday is the day of the sidewalk stalls on Saqf al-Sail Street and at the station, but this week all that was prevented.”

Saadeh expressed his deep regret that the decision-makers here take their decisions according to the rule, “You cook it, you break it.”

At the same time, he stressed that “the return of stalls to their previous status is unacceptable, but alternatives must be found, especially since our unemployment rate exceeds 25%, meaning that for every 100 young men and women, there are 25 unemployed.”

Saadeh Haditha continued by saying: There is no need for all of our young men to want jobs and offices, and a “culture of shame.”..No, our young men and women are working in gas stations, coffee shops and cashiers in restaurants, coffee shops and cashiers, and in coffee kiosks on the roads carrying a tray for 12, and on order and delivery cars Home and in falafel, hummus and beans restaurants.

He concluded by saying, “The government has the right to stop the attacks, but find an alternative first, because there are families living behind the street, and the situation is no longer tolerable, if you know.”

Remove random numerators

At the beginning of last week, the competent security authorities carried out a strict and wide campaign to remove street stalls and slums and end chaos in all downtown areas.

According to Al-Dustour newspaper, the security campaigns will continue without interruption, and security and legal measures will be taken against those who trespass on pedestrian sidewalks under any circumstances.

In the meantime, merchants and visitors to the city center appreciated these measures, which would put an end to these negative scenes, especially with the large influx of foreign tourists and Arab guests into the city center.

Bullying and assault on the state

Journalist Fares Habashneh confirmed in a previous article in Al-Dustour newspaper that the “battle phenomenon” is nothing but bullying against the state, saying: I do not find an explanation in reading the phenomenon of bastards, except that it is bullying by the state, and bastards are a manifestation of dangerous bullying, and a manifestation of a broad headline in which it says that there is A class stronger than the state, and they do not ask anyone.

Al-Habashneh asked: How is bullying born? When a stall is set up in the heart of the street, the stall operator defies the security man and defies public order, the law and state institutions.

And he added: “When the stall displays expired goods, and when an expatriate worker works in the stall… I do not know whether the Ministry of Labor grants permits under the heading of stall workers?”

Al-Habashneh said: I am biased towards the just power of the state, and I am biased towards protecting public order, calling for firmness, and fighting aggression against the public sphere, regardless of its level, source, or form.

And he pointed out that “every aggressor on the sidewalk and the street must be arrested and criminalized.. and whoever wants to set up a stall and work in the stall economy, there are designated places set up by the Amman Municipality, and he can benefit from the available opportunities.”

The issue of stalls, their owners, and the families who support them remains a question with an answer drawn by the government, which has pledged to provide thousands of job opportunities for Jordanian youth to preserve a decent life for them.


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