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20 parties have reconciled their statuses, and 13 others will be considered on Sunday for achieving the legal quorum for their general conference

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publish date 2023-05-13 09:57:33

The official spokesman for the Independent Election Commission, Muhammad Khair Al-Rawashdeh, said that 20 parties had completed the applications for establishment and approved their statuses, as of the end of last Thursday.

Al-Rawashdeh confirmed, in a statement to:The kingdom“The legal period for correcting the situation of the parties ends at the end of working hours next Monday, corresponding to May 15th.

And he indicated that the parties unit in the Independent Election Commission dealt on Friday and Saturday with 13 general conferences of parties wishing to regularize their statuses, and it is expected that the Board of Commissioners of the Commission will hold a meeting on Sunday morning to consider completing requests to reconcile the statuses of parties that have achieved a quorum for their general conference.

Al-Rawashdeh reserves the right to mention the statistics until the Council decides on all procedures.

On the 20th of last April, the deadline set by the Independent Election Commission for the purposes of submitting parties wishing to reconcile their status under the provisions of the Parties Law in force, so that the parties registry in the Commission could check and match the required papers, so that after approval, the parties could hold their general conference before the end of the fifteenth of May.

Article (40/b) of the Political Parties Law obliges the parties established before the entry into force of its provisions (No. 7 of 2022) to reconcile their status within one year from the date of its entry into force, by holding a general conference that meets the conditions of the founding conference contained therein, otherwise the party will be dissolved, according to Al-Rawashdeh.

The Independent Election Commission justified setting the period for receiving the requests of parties wishing to reconcile their status in previous statements that the need to apply the provisions of the Parties Law fairly requires studying and matching documents, and according to Al-Rawashdeh, the legal periods represent a time frame that enables the registry of parties to carry out its legal duties, and those specified in the procedures guide that it prepared. Unity of parties in the body.

– Parties reconciled –

According to the website of the Independent Commission, the existing political parties in accordance with the provisions of the Political Parties Law No. (7) of 2022, which reconciled their statuses until the end of working hours last Thursday, are the Jordanian Equality Party, the Jordanian Democratic People’s Party (Hashd), and the Jordanian Qudwa Party.

And also; The New Nahj Party, the National Coalition Party, the Islamic Action Front Party, the Blessed Land Party, the National Pact Party, the Jordanian Shura Party, the Jordanian Social Democratic Party, the Jordanian Democratic Unionist Party, and the Jordanian National Union Party.

In addition to the Irada Party, the Tomorrow Party, the Jordanian Future and Life Party, the Justice and Reform Party, the Jordanian Democratic Popular Unity Party, the National Integration Party, the Jordanian National Constitutional Party, and the Labor Party, according to the commission.

Conditions of the founding conference

The Parties Unit in the Commission published instructions in which it stressed that the founding parties must reconcile their status within a period not exceeding one year from the date of entry into force of the Parties Law, as of May 15, 2022, by holding a (general) conference that meets the conditions of the founding conference, which is that the number of parties is not less than Party members when the General Conference convenes about a thousand people.

It is also required that the members be residents of at least 6 governorates, so that their number is not less than 30 people from each governorate, the place of residence shown in the ID card is approved, and that the percentage of young people between the ages of 18 and 35 years is not less than 20% of the number of members.

It is also required that the percentage of women is not less than 20% of the number of members, and that at least one of the members is a person with disabilities, and that the number of founding members present in person at the founding conference is not less than the majority of the founding members (50% + 1).

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