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Social networking sites have become digital billboards for Internet users. People love to share their personal opinions and news about what is going on in their lives. But stop and think about social media privacy for a moment. This information, some of which is very personal, is displayed on the open network outside the circle of trusted friends and relatives, and due to the leakage of some information and its access to insecure hands, it can threaten the stability of the entire family and harm its members.

Here are some tips to help you protect your social media privacy and make your social networking experience more rewarding. As mentioned by the site NortonWhich can preserve the privacy and security of family and community members when using social media sites.

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Read the terms of the social networking site

Your personal information is valuable. Pay attention to the information you agree to share when you sign up for a social media account.

Take a moment to browse the legal information contained in the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before clicking “accept”. You may find that some terms work against you.

Do not share private information such as your full name and address

Keep your full name and address to yourself. The same advice also applies to publishing the full names of your children or grandchildren. Although it may appear that it shares people’s full names, you never know how a stalker or cybercriminal can use that information to their advantage.

Be careful about posting photos on social media

Think twice about posting pictures, as they may reveal a lot of information in what you thought was a harmless photo.

Adjust the privacy settings for the social media platform

Each social media platform has a different process for controlling privacy settings. Before you share your post or photos, always be aware of who can see, reply or comment.

Carefully decide whether you want your social media posts and photos to be visible to everyone, only friends or friends of friends, when reviewing your privacy settings for each platform. You can also create a custom list for each post.

Know the quality of the data

When registering with a social networking site, most users willingly provide their name, gender, date of birth, and email address. Some social media sites don’t stop there. They continue to collect other information such as an address IP Or the kinds of things you like

Use of social media (3)
Use of social media (3)

Additional privacy tips:

1. Strong passwords: Use strong passwords and change them regularly, avoiding easy-to-guess passwords.

2. Update security and privacy: You must update the privacy and security settings related to social media accounts, and ensure that sensitive personal information is not shared..

3. Beware of links: You should avoid clicking on suspicious links or fraudulent links that are circulated on social media sites..

4. Update your antivirus software: You should update your antivirus software regularly, and make sure that you have security updates and patches installed.

5. Maintaining privacy: You must maintain personal privacy, and avoid publishing sensitive personal information, such as identification number, bank account information, or secret codes.

6. Avoid publishing children’s personal information: You should avoid publishing children’s personal information on social media sites, and protect children from electronic harassment or abuse..

By following these tips, individuals can maintain privacy and security when using social media sites, and enjoy a safe and enjoyable user experience.


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