Never-ending fashion.. The return of the short wedding dress for summer 2023. Choose what suits you best

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From modern satin fabrics to short lace to sequins and beaded patterns, short wedding dresses are very popular this year, especially the summer season, as short wedding dresses suit all bodies, and are suitable for an indoor or outdoor wedding, especially if the ceremony is held on the beach . According to what was published by the site bridesHere is a collection of beautiful and attractive short wedding dresses.

White dress

Short dress with sequins and belt

In recent years, we have seen a rise in the popularity of short wedding dresses, as these dresses are an ideal choice for brides who want to look elegant and edgy. Short wedding dresses come in a variety of styles and shapes, including dresses with long or short sleeves, and dresses with knee-to-ankle lengths..

Wedding dress
Satin wedding dress with an oversized bow for the slim and curvy bride

Short wedding dresses are a good choice for the bride who wants a special look and is looking for something different from the traditional long dresses. It is also a comfortable choice for the bride who wants to dance and move freely in the wedding ceremony.

Short white wedding dress
Short white wedding dress

A short white wedding dress with long sleeves for parties and evening parties in the summer

White feather dress
White feather dress

An attractive white feather dress for every bride who prefers the new

short wedding dress
short wedding dress

Best for the modern bride Alexia Maria Isabella wool and silk-blend dress

Al-Jubeir short wedding dress
Al-Jubeir short wedding dress

A short white wedding dress from Al Jubair

Beach wedding dress
Beach wedding dress

A short white wedding dress for a beach celebration

White lace wedding dress
white wedding dress

Short white wedding dress

Screenshot 2023-05-12 162316

Short white lace backless wedding dress


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