International Nursing Day.. Towers suitable for working in the medical sector, most notably cancer

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“Angels of Mercy” This is the title by which nurses are known all the time, due to their keenness to comfort patients and take their hands to the path of recovery, so they deserved this title well deserved, and on the occasion of International Nursing Day, we review in the following report the astronomical constellations suitable for working in this sector, due to what they are characterized by Mercy, sincerity, and eagerness to help the needy, and focus on work, according to the website stylecaster.

Towers suitable for working as nurses in the medical sector


Cancer is characterized by extreme sensitivity and a kind heart that makes it feel the pain of those around it, and wants to help them get rid of everything that hurts them. It is also considered one of the signs that love its work, ambitious and intelligent. This sign also has a wise leadership personality, so it is suitable for working in the nursing profession, as it will He works to help patients as he feels their pain and sympathizes with them.

A nurse doing her job


Virgo is considered one of the practical signs, so that he is willing to give up his weekly vacation in order to finish his work. He is also keen to achieve perfection in everything, especially in his professional life. He also has the ability to solve any problem he encounters. He also loves order and order in everything in his life.

A nurse doing her work with a female doctor in a hospital
A nurse doing her work with a female doctor in a hospital


Libra is blessed with a very sensitive and diplomatic personality in dealing with others, and always seeks to help those who need it, so it is one of the signs that is suitable for working in the field of medicine, especially in the nursing profession.



Capricorn is one of the signs that can bear responsibility and risks, as it is characterized by discipline and seriousness in work, and intelligence that helps it find solutions to any problem it faces, so it is one of the signs that is suitable for working in the nursing profession.


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