An American woman wins $2 million in the lottery after spending her savings to treat her daughter

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An American woman from Florida won the lottery and won $ 2 million, a win that came in time after the mother drained her life savings to pay for her daughter’s cancer treatment..

Geraldine Gimbelt of Lakeland, Florida, stopped by a Pipkin Road station for drinks when she decided to buy a lottery. to the New York Post.

The American lottery winner and her daughter

The 74-year-old scratched out a $2 million lottery ticket, costing $10, and was shocked to find out she had won first prize. Geraldine said: “I just didn’t know. I was asking: Are you sure? Can you check this?” On your phone?” And in the end, I won the award, and this came during her interview with the program “Good Morning, America.”

For her part, her daughter Lawrence Jackson said: “The day before my mother bought this ticket, I was discharged from the hospital after completing my last treatment for breast cancer.”

An American woman wins two million dollars in the lottery
An American woman wins two million dollars in the lottery

A copy of the news
A copy of the news

A Chinese woman gets compensation from her husband for hiding lottery money from her for years

In another context, it is indicated that a Chinese man named Zhou won – earlier – a lottery prize of 10 million yuan, in 2021, and after paying the mandatory tax, he had 8.43 million, equivalent to $ 1.23 million, left, and instead of sharing the wonderful news with his wife The husband continued to act as if nothing had happened. On the day the lottery prize was transferred to his bank account, Zhou transferred 2 million yuan to his sister and another 700,000 yuan to his ex-wife to help her buy an apartment. He did not mention anything to his wife about winning the lottery for two years. .

The wife discovers the secret of the millionaire prize

It is unclear how Zhou’s wife knew about the matter, but the moment she did, she filed for divorce and also sued him for deducting the lottery prize, since the two were married at the time of winning, the money is considered joint property of the spouses, but Since Zhou had gone to great lengths to hide the win from his wife, she actually asked to pay her compensation after her husband sent the money to his sister and ex-wife without her consent, according to the report. odditycentral.


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