Wood is the fashion for home decoration for the year 2023.. most notably the tables and walls

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Fashion changes from time to time, especially in decoration and furniture, so some people want to purchase pieces of furniture and decoration that never go out of fashion, such as the wooden color that gives comfort, calmness and distinction at the same time, so “The Seventh Day” reviews some shapes and patterns of decorative pieces, which It looks different and distinctive in your home if you buy one of them, according to the “elledecor” as follows.

Wooden tables

Wooden tables are among the most important pieces of furniture that will never go out of style, especially in the living room, as they add an aesthetic touch to the room.

Wood tables

Atypical pieces

Also, the designs of the pieces differed in the 2023 decor fashion, especially the tables and some wooden chairs, which are characterized by being atypical or designed in one of the geometric shapes, whether square or rectangular, as if they were already cut from a tree and placed in your room.

Atypical furniture
Atypical furniture

wooden decor

Wooden walls have appeared in a strong fashion this year. If you take advantage of your space and cover one of the walls with oak wood or a similar species, it will give a pleasant look, as if you live in a hut in the bushes and trees around you.


Explicit wood colours

The gradation of orange with brown in the wall paint, in addition to placing furniture of neutral colors will be impressive. When designing the walls in a wooden way and placing room furniture in white or “off-white”, you will find that you are sitting inside a comfortable room that gives you calm and tranquility.

wood colours
wood colours


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