Winnie the Pooh visits Windsor Castle to celebrate the coronation of King Charles

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The famous cartoon character, the bear “Winnie the Pooh”, made a special visit to Windsor Castle to celebrate the coronation of King Charles of Britain, and one of the most famous cartoon bears of all time made a special appearance at the coronation ceremony..

And the bear “Winnie the Pooh” and his friend arrived Piglet Just outside Windsor Castle for the coronation of King Charles, he wishes him well in a video clip shown at the coronation ceremony, according to People.

In the short clip, which was shared on Instagram, Winnie the Pooh is seen holding a blue balloon with the words “The Coronation of King Charles III” written on it.

The bear said in the video clip: “Christopher Robin told me that His Majesty loves red squirrels very much, and sometimes he calls them names and allows them to enter his house,” and the bear appears as he talks to a pig before trying to open the door.

“I think the squirrels are fond of His Majesty, too,” he continued, adding his classic laugh Winnie the Pooh as the cartoonish red squirrels jumped for joy outside the palace.

Winnie the Pooh’s reference to King Charles being fond of red squirrels is correct, as a 2015 video of King Charles at a home in Birkhall, Scotland, once showed. In the clip, King Charles smiles as he opens his door wide to let a squirrel in. entering his home.

“They’re so naughty,” he commented as he watched the chipmunks eat nuts outside his front porch with a little amusement.

The British monarchy has a great passion for cartoon bears, as last year Paddington stopped at Windsor Castle to have tea with the late Queen Elizabeth, in a video shown during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee party at the palace, where the Queen hosted the beloved character for a cup of mug and jokingly revealed that she always kept With a marmalade sandwich – Paddington’s favourite – in her handbag


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