If the heat and the change of seasons affect your psyche, know how to avoid marital disputes

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When the weather temperatures rise, some people feel distress, inconvenience, and tension, which sometimes pushes the spouses to raise problems between them, which sometimes lead to divorce. usatoday Indicating that divorce is constantly increasing in August and March, according to a study presented in 2016 at the American Sociological Association, where the research, conducted by sociologists at the University of Washington, in Washington State, analyzed cases between 2001 and 2015, so we review in the report, how The high temperature of the weather causes problems between the spouses that end in separation.

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Jamal Froiz, a consultant psychiatrist, told Al-Youm Al-Sabaa: “The change of seasons plays an important role in changing a person’s mood, so psychological problems begin to appear. For example, if there is a problem between a couple, it increases with the increase in the weather temperature, and also decreases with the decrease in The heat, and there are some people who suffer from seasonal depression with the change of seasons, which leads to more disagreements that can end in separation.

Is heat a reason for separation?
Is heat a reason for separation?

In order to avoid the problems and disagreements of the spouses and to live a calm and stable life, the psychiatric consultant advised the couple with several tips, saying: “Increasing the spouses’ awareness of the principles of marital life and increasing the level of culture, which has nothing to do with the educational level of the spouses. He could be a university teacher and his cultural level is low, so he must Spouses should acquire their culture from different media by watching educational programs and reading various books, and I believe that the most educated people are those who listen a lot to the radio, which helps them acquire more information and different cultures, so that this appears in their speech and behavior with others.

Separation between spouses
Separation between spouses


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