How to say “no” politely without feeling guilty.. Choose the appropriate way

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Although the word “no” is small and consists of two letters, it has an impression on those who say it and who receives it, and some people may feel fear and uncomfortable saying it even though in some situations it may be an important and necessary word, and it is important to get used to saying “no.” , without feeling guilty, so “The Seventh Day” reviews different ways to say the word “no,” according to what was published by the “Seventh Day” website.hackspirit“.

Choose the right way to say it

You can use some polite phrases when someone invites you to an event, for example: “Thank you for the invitation, but unfortunately I will not be able to come”, or “I am grateful for your concern but no thank you”, “Unfortunately, this does not suit me, I hope you understand “.

to reject

Say “no” to the thing, not the person

When a person asks you for a request and you cannot implement it, you have to tell him that you cannot do that, whether you like to show him the reason or not, but you cannot say to the person “no” only, as this means that you reject the person himself and not the request, Like, “I’m afraid I’m going to have to say no to this act.”


Give a brief reason. Don’t over-explain your point

The idea of ​​a literal “no” makes most of us shudder. Explaining that you can’t do the request or that it conflicts with another commitment, or that you’re too busy, is a good idea, but you don’t always have to give a reason.

Say no
Say no

Say maybe or that you need to think about it first

Learning to make decisions more slowly and consciously can be a really good gateway to feeling more comfortable telling people no, and it also saves you some time and space if you have a people-pleasing habit of automatically saying yes.


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