Disagreements that threaten marital life, methods of treatment.. the most important of which is the unfortunate choice

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Divorce is one of the most difficult moments that spouses go through, even if it is the solution to the consequent losses and the memories that the spouses live in that have passed and gone, and what the children are exposed to psychologically because of this divorce, and for this it deserves us to clarify some of its causes and how to treat, so the “seventh day” reviews during the following lines Treating the causes that lead to divorce, according to Mona Shaker, a family relations consultant.

Poor choice of partner

Reasons leading to divorce and their treatment: Unfortunate choice:

The unsuccessful choice from the beginning is one of the causes of divorce. This is addressed by changing our inheritance and making it clear to the new generations that before we accept marriage, we do not seek to complete it. We must get to know ourselves, scrutinize what we desire, and make sure that we are in the stage of complete intellectual maturity, in order to realize the choice. The best.

Set goals for marriage:

Setting goals for marriage, meaning I will marry to be liberated, I will marry to feel free, I will marry to have children. When it is not achieved, we feel frustrated and seek divorce, so it is preferable that the treatment be through realizing that marriage in its content deserves to be accepted without any goals other than the desire for stability, happiness, peace and tranquility for both. The parties are to be with someone who understands the meaning of partnership to survive and be satisfied with this life.

The struggle to prove the best:

The desire of both parties to prove that he is the best, the most successful, and the best by belittling the other, this takes us to the path of divorce because of the pains of brokenness, humiliation, and weakening of self-confidence, and it is preferable that it be dealt with by understanding the meaning of participation, i.e. a hand alone does not carry at all, and a normal life does not guide. One honors the other without the other, with what they present as the basis for success, so do not spoil the joy of life with selfishness and arrogance.

Respect is an important point:

Lack of mutual respect is one of the worst and most difficult reasons that lead to divorce and its only remedy is to choose from the beginning a man who respects the mother, sister, aunt, aunt and work colleague who is aware of what a woman is. You cannot stay and the children are the ones who live in this atmosphere, because their lives will be full of hatred and various psychological complexes that are difficult to treat no matter how long it takes, in addition to that marriage is a partnership through which generations and generations build and develop societies, so we must develop ourselves and our thought and not leave We are prey to the fear of age or the pursuit of ancient traditions and customs, and accept what you can do with your capabilities and abilities only. .

Reasons leading to divorce
Reasons leading to divorce


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