4 Gemstones are most suitable in earrings designs

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Earrings or what is also called “earrings” are considered one of the most important pieces of accessories that women are interested in wearing, and some of them prefer to wear the types accompanying precious stones or one of the rare lobes, in addition to using precious stones for aesthetic reasons or to show strength and wealth according to energy science, there is also a history It is long in which it is believed that certain types of gemstones are believed to provide protection, healing, and so on, depending on the way they are worn, so “The Seventh Day” reviews some of the preferred gemstones in earring designs, according to the “Seventh Day” website.simonewalsh” as follows..


This unusual blue-green stone makes an eye-catching addition to a piece of jewelry. Amazonite is a type of potassium feldspar that comes from East Asia, Russia, Madagascar and elsewhere. It can also be found in Colorado, United States. It has been used by humans for over 2,000 years, although it was not described until the 18th century, and Amazonite is synonymous with abundance and success. This stone is said to bring prosperity and financial luck to the wearer, and some people believe it helps relieve anxious thoughts and restore balance, while others believe it benefits the heart chakra, healing relationships, and encouraging communication, which means you may want to keep amazonite close to your heart..

Amazonite gemstone


Citrine is a type of crystalline quartz. Citrine gemstones vary in color from light yellow to rich golden orange. While quartz is very common all over the planet, citrine is much rarer, which has made it more in demand especially in jewelry and accessory designs in modern times. Citrine can also be heat treated to enhance its yellow colour.

Citrine has one of the most appropriate meanings associated with its color. Resembling a ray of sunshine and radiating qualities of warmth and joy, this gemstone is said to be unable to withstand negativity and helps elevate your energy to match its own. Citrine has also been associated with energy, perseverance and strength..


white topaz

Topaz is a mineral composed of aluminum and fluorine. It comes in a variety of colors, depending on the imperfections or inclusions of the gemstone that gives a beautiful shape to the stone. Topaz stones can be white (colorless), yellow, orange, brown, pink, red and blue. Some topaz stones are heat treated to improve their color. Brazil has the largest amount of topaz in the world, but it is also found in Southeast Asia and parts of Africa..

White topaz is a prismatic stone that appears white in color but may give off subtle hints of color depending on the angle and direction of the light. It is said to support awareness by filtering your thoughts and helping you create a clear path. Some people use this stone to pretend and better understand their identity.

White topaz stone
White topaz stone


Pearl is distinguished by its beautiful nature, which increases the positive energy of the wearer, especially since it works well on the body’s energy. It is also one of the most suitable stones as jewelry for earrings because of its apparent delicacy and light weight.



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